Kasha Kavanaugh MS. Dipl PW. RN.

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KashaKasha found the experiential practice of ProcessWork embodies individual and social challenges. Her presence as a counselor and a nurse brings creative engagement to foster growth in personal and community awareness. Awareness builds resilience in our selves our families and communities.

Kasha focuses on community mental health and the relationship between the individual and society. She is concerned about the stress and isolation resulting from all issues that complicate self care, access to resources for care and connection to community.

Therapy is a co-creative process where a therapist provides a container where diverse positions can be seen, valued and explored and in the process become more fluid and available. There are hidden tensions that often limit different or new ways of looking at the world, and the person’s access to their full self and their dreaming. This exploration offers the possibility of a freer, less static response to the individual’s experience of the world. Kasha works with clients to learn about and explore together the human experience and the journey to create awareness and build relationship to self, others and a life path.