Kara Wilde, MA, Dipl PW

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kara-sq2015Kara is a Certified Process Worker. She has a Masters of Arts in Processwork. Her training in Environmental Studies and Natural Therapy compliments her counseling work.

Applying Processwork methods to relationship issues, health and body symptoms, and work difficulties. Kara works with individual people, couples and families. Helping them to develop life skills. This can lead to finding a sense of direction and meaning.

She loves finding ways to bring art, creativity and dreams into everyday life.

I work with clients to develop awareness about their life journey. Together we find creative ways to enrich their path. I encourage them to believe in their experiences. To find new viewpoints and develop ways to flow with their life challenges.

Some of the approaches I use include:

  • Awareness of lifestyle issues to make change.
  • Unfolding experiences to understand them more deeply.
  • Development of skills to work with conflicts.
  • Finding new ways to center ourselves and overcome worry and moods.
  • Discovering what life is about and enjoying what we have.
  • Living with fears and strategies for letting them go.
  • Noticing where we are in the moment to become more present in our lives.