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Portland Processwork Clinic began as the River’s Way Professional Clinic in 2010, created by a group of graduates from the Process Work Institute’s River’s Way Training Clinic. We changed our name to the Portland Processwork Clinic in June 2015 to celebrate five years of offering services.

All counselors at Portland Processwork Clinic have advanced training in Process Work, or hold masters degrees and a Diploma from the Process Work Institute in Portland. The Diploma is recognition that practitioners are competent to deliver high quality services in various specialty areas of process-oriented counseling.

All clinicians at Portland Processwork Clinic have case consultation with a senior Process Worker who is also a licensed clinical psychologist (PhD) and as a clinic we participate in counselor team supervision if you have concerns around that please let us know.

For an appointment or to find out about groups, please call 503-321-5002 or fill in our contact form.

cathy-bernatCathy Bernatt,
MA Leadership Studies, MA Conflict Facilitation & Organizational Change,
Process Work Diplomate

Cathy operates from a core belief that the wisdom and answers to all the challenges we encounter in being alive and being human lie within each individual, or within the systems of a relationship, team or organization. Her approach centers around helping people learn to “hunt” from within themselves and the systems that they are part of to find the nuggets of gold that elicit new wisdom and help unfold the challenges that show up at their doorstep into opportunities for growth and transformation. In addition to paying attention to what is happening in everyday reality, she helps take those she works with into their deepest dreaming to explore and get to know what is most unknown and what is wanting to happen.

Cathy’s professional work evolved by following an insatiable desire to develop deep awareness from the inside out and to help others in the world to do the same. She is a Certified Process Worker, a professional Facilitator, a Leadership, Relationship and Systems Coach and an Organizational Consultant.

Dennis PalazzoloDennis Palazzolo, MA,
Process Work Diplomate

Dennis specializes in finding unique, effective solutions to seemingly impossible problems. While not all problems are meant to be solved, they do all offer an opportunity for personal transformation. Dennis has been dedicated to visual, performing and healing arts for more than fifteen years.


elva2Elva Redwood, MA,
Process Work Diplomate

Elva has been helping people discover the deeper essence of everyday troubles and conflicts for 8 years in NW Portland. She also has over ten years experience as a counselor in a mental health agency.

Sara Silverman says, “Your glitch is your superpower.” It’s my role as a therapist to help you discover the superpowers hidden inside whatever is in your way. If you are depressed, is that experience trying to connect you deeper to yourself? If you’re anxious, is that energy pushing you to be more creative?

You can find strengths you never knew about — even within the most difficult and tragic of life’s experiences. The way you discover those strengths and how you bring them into your life is your particular path — unlike anyone else’s.


helleneportraitHellene Gronda, PhD,
Process Work Diplomate

Hellene has a life-long interest in personal and social change. Born in Greece, raised in Australia, and now living in Portland, Hellene brings over a decade of experience with body awareness practices, including meditation, yoga, bodywork and improvised dance. She has worked in crisis support for individuals and on the development of government policy.

Somehow life and being yourself isn’t always easy or simple. Through a warm, respectful connection, curiosity and belief in your potential, I will help you explore things that trouble you, figure out what is going on, and release hidden resources inside difficulties. This process can be uncomfortable, but it is worth it. Even the challenges of shame, fear, rage, loneliness, abuse and addictions can be transformed with patience. You will learn tools for tackling life challenges and for working with inner and outer conflicts.


karaKara Wilde, MA,
Process Work Diplomate

Kara is a Certified Process Worker and has a Masters of Arts in Process Work. She has training in Environmental Studies and Natural Therapy. She loves finding ways to bring art, creativity and dreams into everyday life. She is interested in applying Process Work methods to relationship issues, health and body symptoms, and work difficulties. She works with individuals, couples and families to develop life skills and to find a sense of direction and meaning.

I work with clients to develop awareness about their journey and find creative ways to enrich their path. I encourage them to believe in their experiences and find new viewpoints to develop ways to flow with their lives.

Some of the approaches I use include: awareness of lifestyle issues to make change, unfolding experiences to understand them more deeply, development of skills to work with conflicts, finding new ways to center ourselves and overcome worry and moods, discovering what life is about and enjoying what we have, living with fears and strategies for letting them go, and noticing where we are in the moment to become more present in our lives.

Kasha2Kasha Kavanaugh
MS., RN.,
Process Work Diplomate

Kasha found the experiential practice of ProcessWork embodies individual and social challenges. Her presence as a counselor and a nurse brings creative engagement to foster growth in personal and community awareness. Awareness builds resilience in our selves our families and communities.

Kasha focuses on community mental health and the relationship between the individual and society. She is concerned about the stress and isolation resulting from all issues that complicate self care, access to resources for care and connection to community.

Therapy is a co-creative process where a therapist provides a container where diverse positions can be seen, valued and explored and in the process become more fluid and available. There are hidden tensions that often limit different or new ways of looking at the world, and the person’s access to their full self and their dreaming. This exploration offers the possibility of a freer, less static response to the individual’s experience of the world. Kasha works with clients to learn about and explore together the human experience and the journey to create awareness and build relationship to self, others and a life path.

suzette-payneSuzette Payne, MA,
Process Work Diplomate

Suzette focuses on personal growth, trauma, addictions, dreaming, creativity, empowerment and relationship issues.

Suzette helped develop and is on the Advisory Board for the Open Studio Project, a non-for-profit arts organization and gallery, serving community social justice issues for children and adults with creative healing and awareness.

She is passionate about community healing, nature, play, art process, Worldwork and a co-creative unfolding of our deepest dreaming together.


“To be in contact with what is going to appear next in life, you need to be lucid about what is within you, about sentient experience. If you notice your deepest Dreaming and the flirts that unfold from it, you become a diviner, sensing the hidden future.”

Arnold Mindell, Dreaming While Awake