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pwi-photoPlease go to the the Process Work Institute Media page for books, manuscripts and recordings about Process work.

Theses Written by Our Counselors

Theses are provided for your personal use only and should not be distributed. Please respect copyright laws and the author’s work.

  • Gronda, H. (2013).  Growing, Dying and Relating: Exploring the Concept and Experience of ‘the Edge’. [PDF]
  • Ilia, S. (2014).  Victims, Victimizers,and Rescuers: The Double Edge to Power and Vulnerability. [PDF]
  • Kavanaugh, K. (2007).  Sourcing the Flow: Painting, Movement, the Intentional Field and Co-Creation. [PDF]
  • Neemoja, R. (2015). The Tin-Elephant: Inner-Explorations of Personal Power [PDF]
  • Payne, S. (2009).  Looking for My Father’s Face in the Mirror. [PDF]

Other Resources